Jones High School Marching Band

Since its inception in 1950 under the guidance of James W. Wilson, the Jones High School Marching Tigers Band has been a cornerstone of excellence within the Orlando community. Founded at Orlando's African American High School, the band has become an emblem of musical brilliance and cultural pride. With roots deeply embedded in the heritage of historically black colleges like Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU), the band has not only enriched the lives of its students but has also captivated audiences nationwide. Over the past 75 years, the band's performances have graced prestigious stages such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Carnegie Hall, symbolizing a legacy of perseverance, talent, and dedication. Today, as we continue to honor the vision of "Chief" James W. Wilson, the Jones High School Marching Band strives to uphold its tradition of excellence while forging new pathways for musical expression and community engagement.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Jones High School Marching Tigers Band is to inspire, educate, and uplift students through the transformative power of music. Grounded in a legacy of excellence and cultural heritage, we aim to cultivate artistic mastery, leadership skills, and community pride among our members. Through rigorous training, mentorship, and performance opportunities, we empower students to realize their full potential as musicians and citizens. Committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity, we seek to enrich the cultural fabric of our community while serving as ambassadors of musical excellence. By fostering a supportive environment that celebrates creativity, discipline, and teamwork, we aspire to instill lifelong values that transcend the confines of the rehearsal room. Together, we march forward with passion and purpose, carrying on the legacy of our founders and striving to make a lasting impact on generations to come.

Seeking Support:

We invite you to join us in building a legacy of excellence by supporting the Jones High School Marching Tigers Band through donations and sponsorships via our OCPS Foundation Account. Your contributions will directly impact our ability to grow, maintain, and enhance our program, from acquiring instruments and uniforms to securing essential resources like a dedicated JHS trailer. By investing in our learning environment, you are not only supporting the development of talented musicians but also nurturing a tradition of excellence that spans generations. Together, we can ensure that the Jones High School Marching Tigers Band thrives as a beacon of artistic achievement and community pride. Join us in shaping the future of music education and cultural enrichment. Your generosity will leave a lasting imprint on the lives of our students and the vitality of our community. Help us build our legacy—one note at a time.

Naomi Joy Nelson

Naomi Joy Nelson is an Author, Grammy Nominated Music Educator, and Saxophonist in Orlando, Florida.

Naomi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Florida A&M University and is currently in her 15th year of teaching music, as an Orange County Public Schools Music Educator as the Band Director of Jones High School. Naomi has received several honors as a musician and educator to include:

She is an Endorsed Artist with BARI Woodwinds and Dukoff Mouthpieces and has released her 1st Music Album, “Love & Light”. Naomi is also a published author of her 1st Book entitled “My Joy Journey” in which she shares her journey through faith.

Naomi has performed internationally, appeared on national television to include The Wonderful World of Disney Magical Holiday Celebration aired on ABC as well as appearances on AfroTV, local and national television networks, as well as radio.

Her passion is both music performance and instilling musical excellence in her students.

Naomi J. Nelson
Director of Bands
Jones High School
801 S. Rio Grande Ave.
Orlando, FL 32805
Ext. 609-2309