Band Camp

Band Camp

Welcome to Marching Band Camp!

We are excited to kick off another incredible music, marching, and camaraderie season. Our camp is designed to not only hone our musical and marching skills but also to foster a sense of teamwork and dedication among our members. Throughout the camp, we will focus on refining our repertoire, perfecting our formations, and building lasting friendships.

Marching Band Camp is not just about preparing for performances; it's about pushing ourselves to new heights, both individually and as a group. Together, we will sweat, laugh, and grow as musicians and performers. Let's make this camp an unforgettable experience filled with hard work, passion, and the joy of making music together.

Get ready to march to the beat of our collective drum as we embark on this journey of musical excellence. Here's to a successful and rewarding Marching Band Camp!

Jones High School 2024 Summer Band Schedule